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Inventor of Negative Pressure Supercharging

Alexander Chabry
Managing Director and Founder of Impulse Engine Technology

Alexander Chabry is a self-taught engineer who formed Impulse Engine Technology in 1996. A lateral thinker, he perceives things from a unique perspective that allows him to explore new ideas that others have difficulty comprehending or regard as impossible. This gave him a remarkable insight into the fluid dynamics of internal combustion engines which allowed him to create a revolutionary new supercharging combustion process called Negative Pressure (Vacuum) Supercharging that substantially improves engine and combustion efficiency. It is also the same insight that allowed him to create another revolutionary new technology, the Emission Vapouriser Muffler that substantially reduces global air pollution.

His passion to excel has encouraged him to learn anything he values important and is the same ambition for mechanical excellence in our new products. Also, his honesty, integrity and determination to succeed is the driving force behind the success of making the following technologies he has invented commercial realities such as,
Negative Pressure (Vacuum) Supercharging
Homogenous Thermal Charge Spark Ignition (HTCSI) combustion
Emission Vapouriser Muffler
Synchronised Valve Timing
Hi-Velocity Tri-Y Megaphone Headers
Hot Air Induction/Cold Cooling System

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