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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Negative Supercharging Kit include the cost of installation?

No......The installation time varies for each vehicle due to the different range of accessories that may need to be removed and replaced in the engine bay to install the Kit.

What is required to install the Negative Supercharging Kit?

The parts of the Kit are easy to install like conventional bolt on parts, but it is very important the Impulse cam is installed in the correct position specified on the Negative Supercharging "Cam Spec Sheet". The Impulse cam is manufactured to correctly position the valve timing in the engine when the cam is installed at zero degrees which is when the dots on the cam and crank sprockets are aligned. However, the keyway in the crankshaft may not be machined in the correct position which will cause the optimum valve timing of the Impulse cam to be out by up to 6 degrees. This will reduce the supercharging effect or prevent Negative Supercharging from working. Therefore, we highly recommend that an authorised installer or a professional engine builder "dial-in" the Impulse cam to the correct position specified on the Negative Supercharging "Cam Spec Sheet". Each Negative Supercharging Kit will be supplied with this "Cam Spec Sheet" and instructions on how to dial-in the Impulse cam.

Does the vehicle require upgrading the drivetrain or brakes with the Negative Supercharging Kit?

Most vehicles will not need to upgrade the drivetrain or brakes, if the size of the engine in the vehicle is not larger than originally produced by the manufacturer and the vehicle is not used for racing or competition purposes. However, the massive torque produced by Negative Supercharging will increase the stall speed of a standard or hi-performance torque converter by 1,000 rpm which will over stress and gradually damage the converter. For this reason, we highly recommend the Negative Supercharging Kits be used with the Dominator XHD Supercharger Converter which is a full race converter that was specially developed by Autoflite Engineering P/L to handle the massive low rpm torque produced by Negative Supercharging.

Can the Negative Supercharging Kit be modified with conventional performance enhancing techniques?

No......Negative Supercharging is a highly advanced process that requires synchronising 8 areas of the engine which control the fluid dynamics for this process to effectively supercharge the engine. Any modifications to the Negative Supercharging specs or parts will enterfere with this complex process and reduce power or may damage the engine. However, some conventional performance parts such as intake manifolds, EFI and ignition systems which do not modify the specs or parts of the Negative Supercharging Kit may be used.

Can the standard exhaust system be used with the Negative Supercharging Kit?

Yes......However, to optimise the performance of the Negative Supercharging Kit we recommend the vehicle use a single or dual free flowing performance exhaust system with straight through or reverse flowing performance mufflers that are perforated. Do not use louvered type mufflers, they are very restrictive and will reduce power.

Does Negative Supercharging require a different ignition advance curve with gas?

No......Due to the extremely fast burn produced by Negative Supercharging it requires the same unique advance curve with liquid fuel as with gas to optimise power.

Can a high compression ratio be used with the Negative Supercharging Kit?

No......Negative Supercharging forces a large volume of air into the cylinders like a conventional supercharger which will cause pre-ignition (pinging) with a high compression ratio. For this reason the compression ratio should be kept between 8.5 to 9:1 with Negative Supercharging.

Does the Negative Supercharging Kit shorten the life of the engine?

No......The huge increase in low rpm torque produced by Negative Supercharging makes the engine live longer because the engine uses low rpm to quickly accelerate the vehicle. This produces a lot less wear and tear on the engine than using high rpm. A good example is turbocharged truck engines which produce a huge amount of torque and pull heavy loads using low rpm yet they live much longer than high rpm car engines.

What type of fuel systems work with the Negative Supercharging Kit?

Negative Supercharging works with all types of fuel systems ranging from carburetors, gas, TBI to EFI.

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