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Acceleration Torque vs Horsepower

Negative Pressure Supercharging produces such a huge increase in low rpm torque it accelerates a vehicle from 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 3-5 seconds and produces 50-100% better fuel mileage than high rpm horsepower engines

High rpm horsepower engines are gutless below 4500 rpm and produce poor fuel mileage
Therefore, high rpm horsepower engines MUST use 5-6 speed transmissions, low diff gears (for example, 3.7-4.5), long runner intake manifolds, high stall converters, high rpm from a standing start, variable valve timing or high compression which requires high octane fuel in order to produce fast acceleration from 0-100 kph. Even with all this additional performance gear, fuel injection and mechanical complexity, high rpm horsepower engines are gutless at towing, increase emissions and use a lot more fuel which produces poor fuel mileage.

Low rpm torque engines produce faster acceleration, massive towing power and better fuel mileage
The huge low rpm torque produced by Negative Pressure Supercharging from 1500 4500 rpm produces massive towing power, uses much less fuel which improves fuel mileage, allows engines to run on low octane fuel and reduces emissions. This eliminates the need to use gas guzzling high rpm, mechanical complexity and additional performance gear in order to produce fast acceleration from a standing start.

For example,

Both the low rpm torque and high rpm horsepower engines below accelerate from 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 5 seconds. However, note the much higher stall and additional performance gear the high rpm horsepower engine needs to keep up with the low rpm torque engine! Also, note the low rpm torque engine gets a lot more fuel mileage than the high rpm horsepower engine.

Low rpm Torque engine compared to High rpm Horsepower engine
Low rpm Torque engine
Negative Pressure Supercharging
High rpm Horsepower engine
Naturally Aspirated
0-100 kph (62 mph) 5 sec 5 sec 5 sec
Vehicle 1962 Dodge Dart Phoenix 1995 Ford Mustang 2008 GM HSV W427
Engine Size 360ci (6L) 302ci (5L) 427ci (7L)
Fuel System Carburetion Fuel Injection Fuel Injection
Fuel Low octane High octane High octane
Compression Ratio 8.7:1 10:1 11:1
Power Range 1500 4500 rpm 4500 6000 rpm 5000 6500 rpm
Rpm from standing start 2000 rpm 5000 rpm 5500 rpm
Transmission 3 speed auto 5 speed manual 6 speed manual
Diff Ratio 3.23 3.73 3.70
Intake Manifold Short runners Long runners Long runners
Camshaft Flat-tappet cam Roller cam Roller cam
Converter Stall 2000 rpm N/A N/A
Vehicle Weight 3,800 lbs (1,725 kg) 3,360 lbs (1,525 kg) 4,130 lbs (1,874 kg)
Towing Stump puller Gutless Gutless
Fuel Mileage 25 mpg (11.3L/100km) with...
3 speed transmission
35 mpg (8.1L/100km) with...
Fuel injection
4-6 speed trans with O/D
21 mpg (13.5L/100km) with...
Fuel injection
5 speed trans with O/D
16.5 mpg (17.2L/100km) with...
Fuel injection
6 speed trans with O/D

Keep in mind the 62 Dodge...
Is NOT fitted with the performance gear used by race and newer vehicles
Is a heavy vehicle that needs a lot more torque to accelerate than lighter vehicles
Uses a 3 speed transmission with a 1st gear ratio equal to the 2nd gear of 5-6 speed transmissions


Negative Pressure Supercharging with low octane fuel will produce even faster acceleration of 3-4 seconds from 0-100 kph (62 mph) in a lighter vehicle or by using the following performance gear...
4-6 speed transmission with overdrive
Lower diff gears (for example, 3.9-4.1)
Higher stall converter
Long runner intake manifold
Roller cam

Negative Pressure Supercharging will also further increase fuel mileage of the 360ci (6L) V8 from 25 to 35 mpg (8.1L/100km) by using the following performance gear...
Fuel injection
4-6 speed transmission with overdrive

NOTE: This is 50-100% better fuel mileage than high rpm horsepower engines.

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