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What is NPS?
What is NPS about?
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Small Block
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6 cylinder

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Negative Supercharging Guarantee

We guarantee that the Negative Supercharging Kit and Impulse Crate Engine will supercharge the engine, produce violent acceleration, idle and run smooth, produce massive towing power, make the engine run cool and improve fuel economy, provided that all parts of the product are properly installed onto the engine make and size specified, the product is properly installed, set and adjusted to the Negative Supercharging specs, the product is not modified or changed in any way, the camshaft is dialed-in to the position specified by the Negative Supercharging Cam Spec Sheet, the Negative Supercharging cooling system is used and the named parts are removed from the engine or used in conjunction with the Negative Supercharging Kit as specified on the Negative Supercharging Specification decal, Thermocharger and Cooling System decals and in the Negative Supercharging Technical Manual.


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