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What is NPS?
What is NPS about?
Performance Improvements
Power Range
Fuel Economy
Uses mechanically simple parts
Comparing Performance per dollar of Negative Supercharging Kits
Suitable engines and vehicles
Suitable fuel systems and fuels
More average torque and horsepower Produces Faster Acceleration
Engines produce Horsepower...NOT Kilowatts of electricity



Performance Improvements

Negative Pressure Supercharging combines the performance advantages of 3 different engines into 1 engine...

Race Car

Fast acceleration of a race car

Smooth idle, acceleration and fuel economy of a family car


Massive towing power of a truck

Negative Pressure Supercharging offers many more performance advantages...
  • More horsepower at peak 4500 rpm than typical performance engines produce at 6000 rpm
  • Peak torque produced FROM 1000 - 3500 rpm
  • 2 times more torque FROM 1000 - 3500 rpm at full throttle
  • 3 times more torque FROM 1000 - 3500 rpm at part throttle
  • Faster acceleration using low rpm torque instead of high rpm horsepower
  • Smooth idle and acceleration at part throttle whether the engine is carbureted or fuel injected
  • Massive towing power FROM 1000 - 3500 rpm
  • Less throttle needed to produce fast acceleration, cruise or tow a trailer
  • Extremely responsive at any throttle position
  • More manifold vacuum; 18-20" Hg at 500 rpm idle and 22-24" Hg at 2000 rpm cruise
  • 30-50% more fuel economy than standard or high rpm engines
  • 50-70% more fuel economy than engines with supercharger air pumps
  • Ultra low to near zero emissions
  • 1/3 the price of conventional supercharger air pump systems
  • 1/2 the price of high rpm engines
  • Same low maintenance as standard factory engines
  • Less wear and tear on engine parts than high rpm engines
  • Allows engine to use low octane fuel with no pre-ignition (pinging)
  • Low and smooth exhaust note with a deep thump of a big block at idle and highway speeds
  • Powerful growl of a race car at full throttle
  • Easy starting
  • More torque and horsepower the hotter the air induction temperature is increased from 50-121°C (122-250°F)
  • Improves thermal efficiency of engine by converting more combustion heat into mechanical power
  • Ultra fast burn prevents less combustion heat from dissipating into water passages which allows the water to run cooler
  • Engine and combustion run hot while only the water passages run cooler at 50°C (122°F)
  • Engine reaches the optimum operating temperature in half the normal time
  • Water coolant runs cooler at half the normal temperature of standard and high rpm engines
  • Water coolant runs cooler while towing in hot weather or heavy traffic
  • Ultra fast burn and cooler water temperature eliminates overheating
  • Allows carbureted engines to idle for long periods in heavy traffic and not foul the plugs
  • Allows carbureted engines to be driven immediately from a cold start like fuel injected engines
  • Allows full throttle acceleration from a cold start using a carburetor (not recommended even though possible)
  • Makes mechanically simple pushrod engines a lot more powerful, fuel efficient and run cleaner than today's mechanically complex multi-valve/cam engines
  • Can be applied to the world's 700 million existing old and new engines to make them more powerful, fuel efficient and run clean which eliminates the need for radical new engine designs
  • More performance per dollar than any other product or engine technology



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