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What is NPS?
What is NPS about?
Performance Improvements
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Uses mechanically simple parts
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Engines produce Horsepower...NOT Kilowatts of electricity



Uses Mechanically Simple Parts

Negative Pressure Supercharging uses a highly advanced supercharging combustion process and mechanically simple parts to substantially improve the power and efficiency of engines

Instead of using mechanically complex parts to improve the power and efficiency of engines...
Negative Pressure Supercharging uses a highly advanced supercharging combustion process that is produced by a unique combination of mechanically simple parts. This allows NPS to cost-effectively transform mechanically simple street engines into substantially more powerful and fuel efficient power plants than today�s mechanically complex wonder engines. Therefore, the NPS process eliminates the need to make street engines mechanically complex in order to improve their efficiency.

However, today�s engines continue to be made mechanically complex because car makers are not interested in any new technology that comes from outside their company even if it improves the efficiency of engines and is more cost-effective to produce. Car makers prefer to make engines more and more mechanically complex each year using their own technology to improve engine efficiency than pay for more advanced technology that originates outside their company. If this trend continues, engines will become so mechanically complex and expensive that only the rich will be able to afford to buy and repair them in the near future.

In the meantime the NPS process can be affordably applied to any older or new engine to substantially improve power and fuel efficiency using a combination of bolt-on parts in the form of a �Kit� and made available through speed shops and spare parts stores.

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