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Impulse 3/8" Pushrod and Guide Plate Set

Produces 15-25 hp more by eliminating pushrod flex and optimising duration and lift at the valves

Impulse 3/8" pushrod and guide plate set uses heavy duty thick wall pushrods and a unique guide plate design that...
Eliminate pushrod flex caused by long 5/16" pushrods
Optimise duration and lift at the valves
Optimise rocker arm and valve alignment
Substantially reduce rocker arm flex and side movement caused by excessive clearance in pushrod hole of standard guide plates
Substantially improve valve-train stability and reliability

Crower 3/8" pushrods feature...
•  Chromemoly steel tubing with hardened surface
•  One piece design with oil hole
•  10.55" length
•  080" wall thickness
•  5/16" ball ends

Impulse 3/8" guide plates feature...
•  2mm steel plate with hardened surface
•  Optimum pushrod alignment
•  Tight pushrod to guide plate clearance
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