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Tri-Y Header/Collector

Negative Supercharging header combines 5 conventional pipe designs together to produce a supercharging effect that works differently to conventional headers

  1. Tri-Y Header
  2. Small Pipe
  3. Short Pipe
  4. Stepped Pipe
  5. Megaphone Collector

Negative Supercharging header is a supercharging device that uses very high gas velocity and synchronised valve timing to pull a large volume of air into the engine

The Negative Supercharging header uses very small and short primary pipes to produce a very high gas velocity that reduces the pressure behind the gas flow to such a low level it pulls a large volume of air into the exhaust system during the overlap period with standard valve timing. Therefore, the synchronised valve timing of the Negative Supercharging cam must be used with the Negative Supercharging header so the valve timing forces the powerful low pressure in the small pipe to pull the intake charge into the engine instead of into the exhaust system. For more details see How It Works.

Negative Supercharging header does NOT work like conventional headers
Conventional headers use very large and long pipes that allow the exhaust gas to flow freely out of the engine, produce a very low gas velocity that is not fast enough to produce a low pressure behind the gas flow needed to pull a large volume of air into the engine and they do not require synchronised valve timing to work.

DO NOT use the Negative Supercharging Tri-Y header/collector without the Negative Supercharging cam and valve timing.

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