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Water Neck 90° (thermostat housing)

Clears front of Thermocharger air cleaner housing and circulates water slowly to keep water temperature below a cool 50°C (122°F) with hot air induction

Negative Supercharging water neck fits Chrysler small block intake manifolds with the common large water neck flange and has a 90° bend to clear the Thermocharger air cleaner housing. The water neck has a standard 38mm (1.5") OD outlet with a small tapered hole to circulate the water through the cooling system at a low flow rate of 23 L/min (5 gpm) from idle to peak rpm. This allows the radiator more time to cool the water which keeps the water temperature below a cool 50°C (122°F) when used in conjunction with the parts of the Negative Supercharging Cooling System.

DO NOT use any thermostat with the Negative Supercharging water neck.

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