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Small Block
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Small Block
Big Block
6 cylinder

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Impulse Crate Engine includes...
AU$5,000 of additional performance parts and AU$700 FREE head work* NOT included with other Crate engines such as,
  • Thermocharger Air Cleaner Housing (thermostatically controlled hot air induction housing)
  • Tri-Y Header/Collectors
  • Header Covers
  • Header Cover U-Spring Clips
  • Header Bolt Set
  • Collector Flange Set
  • Collector Bracket Bolt Set
  • ZGS Piston Ring Set (zero gap rings)
  • Intake Valve Spring Umbrellas
  • Positive Valve Stem Seals
  • 3/8" Pushrods
  • 4BBL Carburetor with Impulse NPS Jets and Weights
  • Electronic Distributor with Impulse NPS Advance Curve
  • XHD Supercharger Torque Converter**
  • HD Converter Flex Plate**
  • Auto Trans Shift Kit**
  • Coolant Flow Restrictor
  • 90° Water Neck (non-thermostat housing with flow restrictor)
  • Top Radiator Hose
  • Valve Cover Breather Kit
  • Breather Hose
  • Locking Engine Mount Plates
  • Cold Spark Plugs
  • Carburetor Stud
  • Carburetor O-Ring Rubber Gasket

* AU$700 FREE head work Australia ONLY

** Parts NOT included for vehicles with manual transmission

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