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Small Block
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6 cylinder

Small Block
Big Block
6 cylinder

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318 360 Impulse Crate Engine - Stage 7

Produces MORE average torque than 650-700ci engines which produces faster acceleration and 30-50% better fuel mileage than engines with more peak horsepower

318: 630 lbs/ft torque FROM 1000 ? 3500 rpm 420 hp at 4500 rpm
360: 710 lbs/ft torque FROM 1000 ? 3500 rpm 480 hp at 4500 rpm

Stage 7 uses same parts as Stage 4 and the addition of...


Distributor Advance Springs
Positive Valve Stem Seals
Intake Valve Spring Umbrellas
• Valve Stem Collets
• Valve Spring Retainers
• Valve Springs
• Rocker Shaft Bolt Set
• Oil Sump Baffle Plate
Coolant Flow Restrictor
Water Neck
• Top Radiator Hose
Valve Cover Breather Kit
• Breather Hose
• Double Roller Timing Chain Set
• Camshaft Lifters
• Cam Lube
• Cold Spark Plugs
• Engine Gasket Set
Tri-Y Header/Collectors
Race Heads
Exhaust Header Covers
• Header Cover U-Spring Clips
• Exhaust Header Bolt Set
Locking Engine Mount Plates
• Hi Volume Oil Pump

• HD Oil Pump Shaft
• Oil Pump Shaft Bushing
• Carburetor Stud
• Carburetor O-Ring Rubber Gasket
• Collector Flange Set
• Collector Bracket Bolt Set
Technical Manual
• Decals
• Roller Rockers
• 3/8" Pushrods
Modified 4BBL Carburetor
XHD Supercharger Torque Converter**
• HD Flex Plate**
• Auto Trans Shift Kit**
• 8.5 - 9:1 Hypereutectic Pistons
• ZGS Piston Rings (zero gap rings)
• HD Main, Big End and Cam Bearings
• Block Bored .040" Over
• Crankshaft Journals Reground
• Components Balanced
• New Water Pump
• New Timing Cover
• Block Cleaned and Crack Tested
• Engine Painted Impulse Gold or your choice of colour


** Parts NOT included for vehicles with manual transmission

Auto Exch $14,546
Manual Exch $13,728
Coming Soon
Prices in Australian dollars - GST not included

Additional parts that MUST be used with Stage 7

Performance Options

Accessories and Replacement Parts
(For vehicles fitted with the Impulse Crate Engine)

Power Upgrade Kits
Affordably upgrades engine to a more powerful stage using several parts of the Negative Supercharging Kit and is available ONLY for vehicles fitted with the Impulse Crate Engine.

For prices in US$ and other currencies.
Select the stage and parts you want on the order form and fax it to the number shown on the order form. When we receive the order form, we will contact you with the total cost including freight in the currency of your country.

Ram Intake Manifold

Ram Intake Manifold
more details

Race Heads

Roller Cam
more details

Race Heads

Roller Lifters

Impulse Crate Engines include...

$5,000 of additional performance parts and $700 FREE head work NOT included with other Crate engines more details

Impulse Crate Engines are fully rebuilt supercharged engines

The engines are carefully assembled using high quality new parts and all the parts of the Negative Supercharging Kit from the same stage. The engines are started-up and checked to make sure the camshaft is run-in and the engine is working correctly.

How To Buy One Now!

Order by FAX
1) Click on ORDER FORM button.
2) Print out order form.
3) Select the stage and parts you want.
4) Fax us the order form.

Order by PHONE
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