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Negative Supercharging Technical Manual

Supplied FREE with Negative Supercharging Kits and Impulse Crate Engines

Negative Pressure Supercharging CHANGES the way the engine works and has DIFFERENT requirements to conventional engines. Therefore, the Negative Supercharging Technical Manual is a vital tool to…
  • Optimise the performance of the Negative Supercharging Kit and Impulse Crate Engine, and
  • Prevent the engine from being tuned incorrectly or damaged by mechanics or engineers not yet familiar with the unique requirements of Negative Pressure Supercharging
Technical Manual features:

Parts that MUST, SHOULD or MAY be used

Parts that must NOT be used

Tuning Requirements

Exhaust System
• Tri-Y Header/Collectors
• Dual Cross Over Exhaust
• Tail Pipe
• Mufflers
• Header Covers

Cold Cooling System
• Radiator
• Fan Shroud
• NON-Thermal Fan Clutch
• Clutch Fan
• Coolant Flow Restrictor
• Coolant Inhibitor and Anti-Freeze
• Water Temperature Gauge
• Top Radiator Hose
• Water Pump

• Cam Valve Timing
• How to Dial-In (Degree-In) Camshaft

Thermocharger Air Cleaner Housing
• How Thermocharger Works
• Thermocharger Applications
• Hot Air Induction
• How to Maximise Power with Hot Air Induction

Ignition System
• Spark Plug Heat Range
• Ignition Timing
• Spark Amplifiers
• EC Module
• Coil
• Leads
• Distributor

Fuel System
• Carburetor Tuning Kits and Specs
• Optimising Carburetor Size with Booster Reducers

• Gasket Sealant

Intake Manifold
• Ram Intake Manifold

Cylinder Heads
• Race Heads
• Standard or Aftermarket Heads
• Valve Cover and Breather

• XHD Supercharger Torque Converter
• 904 Front Pump Drive

Engine Oil and Block

Power Upgrade Kits

Wheels and Tyres

Service Intervals

Additional copies AU$30.00 each

Available to owners of Negative Supercharging Kits and Impulse Crate Engines ONLY.


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