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Thermocharger Air Cleaner Housing

Uses hot air induction to produce faster acceleration, 50 lbs/ft more torque, 30hp more, 10% more fuel economy and less emissions than cold air induction

How It Works

Thermocharger is a revolutionary new air cleaner housing that is thermostatically controlled to maintain a hot air induction temperature during all weather conditions and produces more power than cold air induction.

Hot air induction makes the air fuel charge...
  • Vapourise the fuel into a gas
  • Burn faster and cleaner
  • Explode with greater pressure

As a result hot air induction produces...
  • More torque from idle to peak rpm
  • More peak horsepower
  • Faster acceleration
  • More fuel economy
  • Less emissions

Thermocharger air cleaner housing MUST be used with a cold cooling system and special ignition timing
This is required to increase power and prevent pre-ignition (pinging) with hot air induction. For more details see Negative Supercharging Cooling System and Negative Supercharging Ignition Timing

DO NOT use a hot cooling system and conventional ignition timing with the Thermocharger air cleaner housing. It will REDUCE power and cause pre-ignition (pinging) with hot air induction.

We developed the Thermocharger air cleaner housing in 2002 to improve the performance of Negative Pressure Supercharging during cold weather. We found the larger volume of cold air pulled into the engine by Negative Pressure Supercharging during low rpm is more difficult to ignite the colder the air induction temperature. By increasing the air induction temperature, the hotter intake charge produces a faster burn and more combustion pressure which produces more power and faster acceleration. We introduced the Thermocharger air cleaner housing as a new product in 2005. Our History explains why we waited 3 years.

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