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High performance parts or systems that use a revolutionary new method to substantially improve the performance of all vehicles from old to new whether they use carburetion, fuel injection, gas or diesel

New Inventions
Negative Pressure Supercharging
Impulse Emission Vapouriser Muffler
Thermocharger Air Cleaner Housing

All products except the spark amplifiers were invented or developed by Impulse Engine Technology.

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Negative Pressure Supercharging
Produces faster acceleration, more towing power, more fuel economy and lower emissions using a revolutionary new CLEAN burn supercharging combustion process that uses NO air pump.
Negative Supercharging Cooling System
Makes the engine run 50% COOLER using a revolutionary new low flow technique and a unique combination of conventional cooling system parts that may already be fitted to the vehicle.
Negative Supercharging Ignition Timing
Produces 15% more low to midrange torque and 10% more fuel economy than conventional ignition timing using a revolutionary new advance curve that gradually increases the ignition timing from idle to peak rpm.
Negative Supercharging Dual Crossover Exhaust System
Produces 15% more low to midrange torque, 5% more fuel economy and 36% less noise than conventional dual large pipe systems using a revolutionary new quad small pipe design.
Impulse Emission Vapouriser Muffler
Reduces toxic emissions to near ZERO, reduces noise by 36% and increases power by 3% using a compact muffler with a revolutionary new multi thermal chamber design.
Impulse Muffler
Reduces noise by 36%, increases power, reduces toxic emissions and produces a powerful deep sound effect like no other muffler using a low profile muffler with a revolutionary new thermal chamber design.
Thermocharger Air Cleaner Housing
Produces 10% more power and fuel economy using a revolutionary new hot air induction system that produces a faster burn and more combustion pressure.
DirectHits Spark Amplifiers
Produces 5% more power and 10% more fuel economy than conventional performance ignition systems using revolutionary new plasma spark technology that generates 500 times more spark energy.


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