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Impulse Muffler

New low profile performance muffler produces more power, less noise and a powerful deep sound effect like no other muffler

Where to buy one
How it works

Impulse muffler uses a revolutionary new thermal chamber design that...
Reduces noise by reducing the amplitude of the sound waves and increasing the wave frequency which absorbs more sound waves into the muffler housing
Increases power by the higher gas speed produced in the hotter core of the muffler
Reduces toxic emissions by producing a muffler core temperature 2-3 times hotter than the exhaust gases

As a result the Impulse muffler...
Reduces noise like restrictive reverse flow mufflers
Produces more power than straight through mufflers
Produces a deep sound effect that makes smaller engines sound more powerful
Reduces toxic emissions but NOT substantially or to near zero like the Impulse EV muffler

Impulse muffler...
Functions as a muffler and power booster
Is made from mild or stainless steel
Has a unique perforated tube shape with a straight through design
Has a low profile housing that is the same height as the inlet pipe
Uses typical sound absorption material
Produces NO restriction to gas flow
Costs the same as conventional mufflers
Can be fitted near the engine where the muffler is more effective in reducing noise
Can be fitted to vehicles with limited room under the chassis or low ground clearance

Impulse muffler does NOT use...
Moving parts
Spiral, turbine or venturi shapes
Multiple tubes
Speakers, electronics or computers
Expensive metals
Electrical heating devices

We developed the Impulse muffler in 1993 as a low profile performance muffler that has the same height as the inlet pipe, produces less noise and more power than straight through mufflers and fits under vehicles with low ground clearance. However, our History explains why we waited many years to introduce the Impulse muffler as a new product in 2007.

Impulse Engine Technology P/L

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