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Negative Supercharging Ignition Timing

OPTION 3: Recurve your distributor to Negative Supercharging advance curve

Send your distributor, name, address, phone number and a cheque or money order to the business shown below. The distributor may be points or electronic but it must be in good condition. If you send us a distributor that is damaged or in poor condition, the additional cost to repair the distributor will be added to the total price to recurve the distributor. Expect 1-2 weeks to recurve and return your distributor.

Australia AU$250 Impulse Engine Technology P/L
PO Box 986
Randwick NSW 2031
NZ AU$300
USA US$125 Fultz Automotive
896 Oak Grove Church Road
Harrogate TN 37752
Canada US$150
Prices include Freight and GST.

NOTE: Conventional Distributor Machines DO NOT produce the optimum advance curve
The same distributor recurved on a conventional distributor machine produces a different advance curve on the engine. The reason for this is that distributor machines have a measuring tolerance of 2-3° at the distributor. This measuring tolerance doubles at the crank because the crank runs at twice the speed of the distributor. Therefore, when the recurved distributor is fitted to the engine, the ignition timing at the crank will produce 4-6° more or less advance than optimum. This does not allow the engine to produce maximum power from idle to peak rpm and may cause pre-ignition (pinging) at a given rpm. To overcome this problem we modified a typical distributor machine to improve the measuring tolerance of the ignition timing to 0.5° at the distributor. This allows the distributor to be recurved to within 1 crank degree of the optimum advance curve which produces more power and faster acceleration without pre-ignition (pinging).

Impulse Engine Technology P/L

PO Box 986 Randwick NSW 2031 Australia
Ph: (02) 9398 5544
Fax: (02) 9398 5644

International: Ph: +(612) 9398 5544
Fax: +(612) 9398 5644

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