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Negative Supercharging Ignition Timing

OPTION 1: Negative Supercharging advance springs

WARNING: DO NOT use remanufactured electronic distributors

Compare the photos of the Chrysler distributor and heavy advance weights to your distributor and select one of the following options.

If your Chrysler distributor and advance weights are...

Negative Supercharging advance springs fit ONLY 1957-91 Chrysler points or electronic distributors used in Chrysler 6 and V8 engines. The early Chrysler distributors are the most durable and technically advanced distributors ever made. They use heavy advance weights that produce accurate ignition timing and prevent spark scatter at low rpm. This allows maximum ignition advance with no pre-ignition (pinging), which produces more power and faster acceleration from idle than the light advance weights used in other distributors.

A) SAME as shown in photos and distributor is in good working condition.
Click BUY NOW button or contact our US Distributor to buy the Negative Supercharging advance springs.
      Australia and NZ

      USA and Canada
US$ contact Fultz Automotive

B) SAME as shown in photos but distributor is worn and needs to be rebuilt
Send us your distributor and we will supply you a new Mopar distributor. For more details see OPTION 2: New Mopar Electronic Distributor - Upgraded with early Chrysler heavy advance weight and shaft assembly and fitted with Negative Supercharging advance springs.

C) NOT the same as shown in photos
It will need to be recurved to the Negative Supercharging advance curve. For more details see OPTION 3: Recurve your distributor to Negative Supercharging advance curve.

Heavy advance weights produce more power than light advance weights
The light advance weights used in the new Mopar electronic distributor and other make of distributors produce spark scatter at low rpm. Spark scatter is erratic ignition timing that varies by more than 1-5° at any given rpm and is caused by the torsional vibration of the camshaft. This problem becomes worse with the stronger pressure pulses produced by supercharged applications. Therefore, distributors with light advance weights must use less than the optimum ignition advance to prevent pre-ignition (pinging) which produces less power and slower acceleration from idle. Heavy advance weights eliminate this problem by allowing maximum ignition advance with no pre-ignition (pinging).

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